Demand MORE from your agent!

Many buyers come to me when they hear how I treat my buyers due to the lack of service they received previously. Being a buyers agent is a game of patience and sticking to a plan so you need someone who realizes this is a home so not a sprint but getting it right.

Think of our initial meet and greet as two friends discussing where you want to call "home". I will answer questions, provide advice, go over the services I provide, the buying process and potential stumbling blocks.

I will also provide you with mortgage lender references to start the pre-approval process which is crucial in today's hot market. If we meet outside your home coffee is even on me.

Photo by Jamie Templeton

The Fun Part... Touring!

After we've met, got a plan of attack, got you pre-approved and set you up on new house alerts NOW the fun starts! I offer flexible tour schedules and even video conferencing tours.
Photo by Jamie Templeton


House Tour Tools!

I also have fun apps to help you with your home decision including Home Depot Project Color and Home Advisor Cost Guide. I also bring my handy tape measure if you need to know if that bed fits the room. Photo by Alberto Castillo Q.


Electronic Signatures

With electronic signatures for paperwork all you need is your cell phone, laptop or desktop, no more paperwork hoarding! You can sign and agree to paperwork online as fast as it takes to pour a cup of coffee. But if you're a fan of paperwork, you can do it the old fashion way as well. Photo by Radek Grzybowski


Relocation Assistance

I more than anyone know how much it costs to relocate as I've done so across the country and within states. I've also worked briefly for a transportation company that specialized in military moves and know red tape and hassles involved! I currently offer $500 towards your relocation costs or $750 towards military moves if you sign a buyers agreement with my firm and I and prefer relocation over our monthly promotions. Photo by Handiwork NYC


Moving Day Pizza on Me!

Moving days can be stressful, busy and many times the small things we forget. You already have too much on your plate so let me help! If you close either buying or selling a home with me as your Realtor I pay for pizza and soda up to $50 on your moving day, score for you! Photo by Evelyn


Welcome Home Gifts

If you're buying a home with me as your Realtor, to officially welcome you home, we provide you with a welcome home gift. The gift can be any thing but sure to leave a smile on your face.
Photo by Kira auf der Heide

All services and perks are valid only if you buy a house with my firm and I as your realtors. If your house falls our of pending for any reason or you switch agents these perks are void. Also, all promotions require client signing a buyers agreement before signing an offer, failure to sign buyers agreement before an offer voids the promo and is only at agents discretion.

Next Steps...

So... are you ready to find a home and not just a house?