What are you REALLY paying a commission for?

When you pay for a service you want to feel you got a GREAT overall experience and selling a home should be no different! Don't work with someone who wants to be paid a commission just to list your home, take terrible photos, hold an open house they want no part of and doesn't return your calls or texts.

No my friend, work with someone who works HARD to EARN your trust, best price for your home and hopefully future referrals. You're paying a commission, work with someone who offers you VIP treatment including ALL the below services.

There are a lot of emotions in selling a place you called home, which for some has been many many years. With me you are NEVER just a commission. If you decide I'm the right fit I can immediately start on the process of listing your home.


Home Staging Consult

Numbers don't lie, staging your home the right way adds value to your home. We will consult with you on do's, don'ts and provide you with options to help sale your home.
Photo by NeONBRAND


Initial Landscaping

Don't worry about bringing out the lawnmower on those hot days, part of my services include initial landscaping which bring out the beauty of your yard for photos and the open house.*
Photo by Daniel Watson


Matterport 3D or Video Walkthrough Home Tour

I offer two home tour options. One, an all-in-one reality capture system that gives realistic, interactive 3D and VR experiences that buyers to feel as real as being there. You can view for yourself the tour by clicking here.

Or select a video tour with music. Allow your buyers to feel like they are actually walking around your home!
Photo by Aaron Huber


Hi Definition Home Photos

Don't settle for someone who takes cell phone pictures! Professional images of your home capture the look that attracts buyers to your home!
Photo by Alberto Castillo Q.


Online Tour Schedule for Immediate Feedback

I require all agents schedule home tours using Showing Time. This scheduling system allows me to control the flow of tours and keep things organized to not disrupt your neighbors. Also, after agents and their buyers tour your home they are requested to provide feedback on your home which allows instant feedback and if need be allows us to adjust certain things accordingly if there are issues or suggestions we can correct to enhance the property.
Photo by Radek Grzybowski


Creative Ways to Promote Your Home

In this day and age there are many ways to help promote your home. We include social media and online promotions on various sites as well as launch a series of creative video promotions. We also list on MLS so agents all over the state can show your home to their interested buyers.

I increase the attention by having not only a open house but a Broker Only Open House so Brokers can tour the house before the public and give feedback and spread word to their buyers.
Photo by Alex Holyoake


Private Security Check Ins

Squatters and unfortunately criminals see FOR SALE signs as opportunities. We provide check-in service if your house is vacant. Photo by Loic Djim

All services and perks are valid only if you sell a house with my firm and I as your listing or sellers agent. If your house falls our of pending for any reason or you switch agents these perks are void.

* Landscaping is only included on 6000 sq ft lots and under. Any lot over is paid by seller.

Next Steps...

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